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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease and Pickleball Play

9 Outdoor Dedicated Pickleball Courts – Richmond BC

Hugh Boyd Park – RBCPA Members Dedicated Group Play Times:

  • RBCPA uses 4 of the 6 courts at Hugh Boyd during the designated times
    • 2 courts available for public play during these times
  • 16 hours a week at Hugh Boyd (4 time slots with 7 planned sessions)
    • Wednesday …. 5pm to 7pm
    • Wednesday …. 7pm to 9pm
    • Friday ……….. 11am to 2pm
    • Friday ……….. 5pm to 7pm
    • Friday ……….. 7pm to 9pm
    • Sunday ……… 1pm to 3:30pm
    • Sunday ……… 3:30pm to 6pm
Hugh Boyd Park Courts

South Arm Park – RBCPA Members Dedicated Group Play Times:

  • RBCPA uses 2 of the 3 courts at South Arm during the designated times
    • 1 court available for public play during these times
  • 8 hours a week at South Arm (2 time slots with 4 planned sessions)
    • Monday ….. 10am to 12pm
    • Monday ….. 12pm to 2pm
    • Thursday …. 5pm to 7pm
    • Thursday …. 7pm to 9pm
South Arm Park Courts

Indoor Pickleball – Richmond Community Centre’s are now taking bookings for Pickleball Play Registered Visits

  • Currently their Registered Pickleball Visits offer singles play only during 45 minute time slots.
  • They allow a maximum of 4 participants per each booked time slot in the registration system, but only 2 players can play at a time. Other players in the group will be required to sit at the site while they wait their turn to play.
  • Cost is $10.25 to book a court for each group.
  • You would be able to book multiple sessions if you would like, but registration is only available one week in advance, one week at a time.
  • You can register online at www.richmond.ca/register (Click the “BROWSE AND REGISTER” button, then under Filters search for the keyword Pickleball.
  • Or you can register by phone at 604-276-4300 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00pm.

Locate places to play outside of Richmond BC – see links below: