Outdoor Dedicated Pickleball Courts – Richmond BC

All outdoor dedicated Richmond Pickleball courts are public.
The PlayTime Scheduler for Pickleball website is not officially linked to any park, venue, or club, and therefore carries no weight or authority for reserving any court.
The website is a FREE scheduling tool created exclusively by and for pickleballers.
Using the website, you will be able to create and join play sessions with other players in your area. Eliminates endless group texts or emails.
It lets you easily locate previously scheduled games or to schedule your own games.
When you are at the courts you must share all courts with others that are there to play Pickleball. Play one game and then get off the court and then wait your turn for the next available court to play again.

Register on the PlayTime Scheduler for Pickleball website.
Select Richmond, British Columbia,
then either South Arm Park (outdoor)
or Hugh Boyd Park (outdoor)


South Arm Park Pickleball Courts

3 Outdoor Dedicated Pickleball Courts at South Arm Park
Courts have night lighting until 11:00 PM.

Hugh Boyd Park Pickleball Courts

6 Outdoor Dedicated Pickleball Courts at Hugh Boyd Park
Courts have night lighting until 10:00 PM.